Thursday, May 4, 2017

Week 2 Wrap-Up: Mei 8-15, 2017

Hitting some road blocks already just the 2nd week of the new year.  The kind of road block that makes you not work out for 4 days.  Well, I hurt my right shoulder.  I think it's a result of too many arm swings in class with the 25lb. kettlebell Monday night.  I ended up doing about 125 reps, yeash!  I didn't feel the effects until Wednesday morning and by 11am I wanted to go home since I couldn't move my neck and it hurt to just keep my head up.  I ended up seeing my massage therapist that night and it somewhat did the trick.  But I knew I would need a few days of rest which meant I was benched from working out the rest of the week, argh!

So, my week of working out only lasted from Sunday-Tuesday.  I was able to get a few milestones in before my shoulder took over.

2017 Week 2 Milestones:
-I rode my bike for 25 miles.

-I was the first woman in my strength training class who completed the workout out of 6 other lovely ladies and I wasn't that far behind the first guy. YEAH!

-I completed my 15 Day Juicing Program, THANK GOODNESS!  I have learned I will not do another juicing program again.  I will continue to juice, but with a complete diet involving protein, fat and other carbs.  I honestly think I juiced my body weight in fruits and vegetables for the past 15 days.  I have to congratulate my friend, C, who also endured this juice diet with me and talked me out of bailing early from the program.  With her beautiful pics of the juices she made and my creativity and marketing skills we may just put out a book.  Some names I've come up with:
"Juicing Won't Kill You but the Hunger Pangs Will."
"Juice....Should Only be Mixed with Liquor and Not Consumed Solely on its Own."
"It's Just Juice (sigh)"
"I Survived Juicing for 15 Days...and Don't Recommend It!"

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