Thursday, May 4, 2017

Week 1 Wrap-Up: Mei 1-7, 2017

Alright, a bit behind on my blog entries but nothing helps a girl catch up online then to be home sick with a fever/flu.  Kinda sucks to be home from work while it's sunny outside and the hummingbirds are chirping only to feel like CRAP.  Anyway, enough of the sick me whining and time to catch up with how 2017's been treating me.  Let's go back a little to week 1.
read after this : Week 2 Wrap-Up: Mei 8-15, 2017

First week of the year and I'm starting off strong!!! Checking off all my personal daily goals and workout routines like a champ.  Forcing myself to get out of my comfort zone and into the water more.

Quick milestones of the week:
-Went to my first group pool workout/Master's swim.  I of course was in the techniques group cause I'm no where near Master's level yet.  I can't even swim a length of the pool non-stop yet.  But I'm keeping with it and am looking forward to the day when I can officially say I'm a swimmer...and don't need a kickboard or a buoy.  Thanks to my friend, L, and new found friend, J, for all the encouragement and well, not letting me get out of the pool before class was over which I was ready to do after 10 minutes.

-During one of my solo swim workouts, I swam the length of the pool NON-STOP....with the buoy.  I know it's not a full-length of the pool cause it was just from one side to the other but I'll take it!  That's a huge deal for me even with the buoy. Heck, I told myself I was not getting out of the pool until I was able to swim one length without stopping.  Done and done.  After 35 minutes of trying I finally did it and jumped up and literally said, "F*CK YEAH! That's what I'm talking about!!!" I got a little teary-eyed too from the excitement of achieving my goal.  Man I wish my friends were there to see me.

-Set up my trainer and rode my bike for an hour to get re-acquainted with it.  Funny how not using your bike (in who knows how long) makes you forget the little things like shifting and which lever increases the resistance.  Needless to say it was a "meet and greet" kinda session on my trainer this week.

-Hit track practice and ran 6 miles with my dog this week.  Get your motors running cause I'm getting in the zone again 2017.

-Went to my resistance training class 3x this week even when I was too tired and was psyching myself out about going.  I admit, I drove to the class and slept in my car for 10 minutes just to give myself a little energy boost before class or I would have driven home instead.  MIND OR MATTER!  And of course, I felt so awesome after class, AS ALWAYS.

-Juicing still going on. Totally not a fan of it.  My friend and I have agreed that we both are very grumpy and ALWAYS hungry on this juicing program.  Gosh, DAY 15 GET HERE ALREADY!!!!  Or I just may naw off my arm out of hunger.

Not a bad way to start off 2017.  So bring it Week 2!

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